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modern revival


Modern Revival is a contemporary denim & athleisure company that represents what is new, fresh and ever-changing in our world. We value family over fame, comfort over convenience and quality over all. We give the customer service you deserve. Every day, every month, all year. As a black-founded & family-led brand we stand behind 3 our 3 beliefs: (1) great quality, (2) great price, and (3) above all great service.


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DISCLAIMER: Modern Revival is not affiliated with any religious groups nor organizations. We just believe in offering new and re-emerging apparel.

our purpose

Inspiring togetherness through people-centered shopping experiences and quality products.

our core


We are people-centered and keep the needs of our team members and customers at the center of the work we do. Our priority is doing what is best for them and the business.



We believe that success is created through teamwork and collaboration. Using the skills and talents from diverse groups can ensure that our team members and customers are cared for.



We are dedicated to, and passionate about the work that we do. Our operations reflect that we do what we say we will do and give our all to our team members and customers.



As a family-led company we believe in balance with family, work, health, and finances. We develop strategies to ensure balance for our team members and customers so that they can be present in all areas of their life.